Hegemony Defination "Concepetualises the way in which one class maintains dominance over the rest of society by a subtle system of coercion and consent. Coercions is maintained through the law, police and armed forces, and ideological persuasion. The theorist Gramsci's important comtribution gives insight into the way that our minds are colonized by dominant ideas thrugh the instititions of civil society- the family, religious organizations, schools and so on." ( Quoted from Margeret Lewith book's entitled Communtity Development, Page xiii) Comunity Development Example Society and the machine (informally the Man) or the (the dominate class) uses so many forms of subtle techniques to make oppressed group believe their messages and not ask for share of wealth or power. A Community Development example is how in urban areas , youth are expected to perform lower in educational test because they are poor. These messages are internalized by urban youth and made fashionable by sayings like "you're acting white if you get good grades." TV images of urban America do not show studious young people, rather TV shows glorify the "Totally Ganster" language and images. Thus our youth begin to internalize that to be an accepted as urban youth, I need to sag, swear, join the gang, get C, D, E, etc. Community Development action would help youth understand why these message are there so youth will not ask for a piece of the wealth pie such as better school, better teachers, etc.


  1. Apply: The posted example is a great one. Another would be that the hegemonic ideal of masculinity might impede community members from being involved in community development projects. For example, part of the success of TimeBanks requires that people are as willing to ask for help as to provide help. Typically, the hegemonic man in the US is one who has power, who does not need to ask for help for certain, manly tasks. Asking for help might be a sign of weakness, which is can threaten their masculinity. The part about asking for help might cause some men to think twice about joining a TimeBank...and then you might lose a substantial portion of potentially great TImeBank members...So you need to be careful how you market, how you recruit, and how you describe the program...

    Adapt: Continuing with the theme of hegemonic masculinity...much of the health disparities men face stem from ideals like hegemony... how is a man supposed to act? how is a man supposed to be? what are the roles he has to fill? how much of a value is health to the man? which health-behaviors uphold hegemony and which ones threaten a man's masculinity?

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  3. Apply: When I worked on my personal project for LGBTQ community, sexual hegemony has prevented LGBTQ people from moving forward to the society. Heterosexualism and many stereotypes of LGBTQ people marginalize LGBTQ people in our society.

    Adapt: Sexual hegemony is a big obstacle to LGBTQ people, in not only community setting, but also everywhere in our society. Because of sexual hegemony and heterosexualism, LGBTQ people experience social justice issues, and they do not have the same right as heterosexual people have such as gay marriage right.