Building Powerful Community Organizations

Organizing: Pathway to Change - Organizing as a Strategy, A Theory (Based on Observation): The Imbalance of Power. Defined - An organizing strategy assumes that problems exist in the world because of an imblance of power. (Building Powerful Community Organizations by Michael Jacoby Brown) This theory can by saying that some people have the power to control the lives of others including control over others' work lives, communities, neighborhoods, schools, and their environment. This power includes control what it costs to most people for the necessities of life: health care, transportation, decent housing, education, heat, electricity, and food. This theory can be adapted by the sear fact most people in the world have to fight for all the bear necessities of life. Not including those that have to beg, borrow, and even steal for these necessities that should be provided by either having a well paying job, given due to disabilities, or just provided to those that are taking care of others like parents, chilren's children, and so on.

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