Civic entrepreneurs

Definition: Entrepreneurs is a person who creates and grows an enterprise (Markley et al.). According to Phillips and Pittman (2009) a civic entrepreneur is the one who create programs and resources that benefit our communities and our lives. They develop children’s museums, provide public health care, and build new playgrounds and parks.

Application: In community development work, A civic entrepreneurs could really make a difference in a community that is marginalized by creating programs to meet the marginalized communities need.

Adapt: The theory of civic entrepreneurship could be used by business developer to take opportunities of business potential in marginalized countries or communities. For example, business school in Stanford university reaching out to very distance villagers whose production were getting wasted due to lack of resources, and the business school students trained the villagers on how to store and ultimately to export their production and the business people ultimately makes money as well as the villagers.

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  1. Stacey Nguyen11/16/10, 8:26 PM

    APPLY: Social entrepreneurship is another word that describes this movement of meshing the private sector with non-profit organizations. Some areas of social work community development and social organizations, are increasingly adopting business models in creating social change. As federal funds and grants are decreasing in availability non-profit organizations are being forced to become more creative and innovative in securing sustainable sources of funding. One way of doing this is to partner with private businesses to achieve a social goal.
    ADAPT: There are several examples of civic entrepreneurship that exist today. KIVA is an organization that uses the idea of giving micro-loans to people living in developing countries in order to develop economies on a small scale (kiva.org). Pioneer Human Services based in Seattle, WA is another example of civic/social entrepreneurship. This is an organization that employs its clients in producing goods and services while providing them with support through counseling and providing them with housing. (pioneerhumanservices.com)