community Social Capacity

Community Social Capacity

Definition: According to Mattessich and Monsey (1997), community social capacity is “the extend to which members of a community can work together effectively”

Application: community social capacity could be use by community members to take initiative to meet communities need. In the video “Metropolitan Avenue” the residents were able to accomplish their goals through strong community social capacity.

Adaption: community social capacity theory could be applied to create factory workers coalition that could work together to keep the systems in shape so that the factory owners don’t take advantage of the workers. In the video “the honor of all” we saw how the chicken workers used their community social capacity to get their demand, of paid leave and health insurance, heard and taken care of.


  1. Apply: Time-banking is a great example of how this theory can be applied. Through time-banking, people within a community develop their social networks and build community through common interests.

    Adaptation: This concept can also be used in the field of economics. Organizations can develop business plans that tie people together based on common interests. They can develop polices that create a sustainable economy where people have equal access to resources.

  2. Apply: Camp counselors can use social capacity when working in summer camps. Social capacity can help youth work together and have a productive summer. It allows youth to build networks and make friends through similarities, needs, likes, and dislikes.

    Adapt: Community Social Capacity can be applied when working with adolescents. Adolescents are less likely to want to work together especially coming from a rural, low income community, However, by working with adolescents in order to help youth recognize their skills and similarities youth can gain a voice in their community.

  3. Apply: Social capacity is being used in mentoring organizations like Big Brother Big Sister. To provide support, advice, and guidance to youth. As well as help children and youth realize their potential empower them to build their futures. I have been a Big Sister since the Summer and I have enjoyed every moment of it. By simply being there for my Little Sister I am helping to shape her future where she can be anything she wants to be.

    Other communities have adopted the Big Brother Big Sister mentality and have created new organizations. Since the recent increase of number of suicide of LGBT youth there would be a benefit in developing a mentoring organization for LGBT youth. When I am done with school I would like to start up an organization like this.