Define: “rejects the dominance of rational, technical knowledge, in understanding the world, which underlies industrial societies. Therefore, it questions the influence of economies as a technical form of explanation. Instead it emphasizes how the local, societal and historical context influences or creates our understanding of the world” (Askeland & Payne, 2008) Apply: Postmodernism is increasingly being incorporated to social work education. Postmodernism calls into question whether social work methods and interventions are applicable to a wide variety of contexts. Likewise the flow of information must allow for knowledge from other contexts around the world to inform social work practice in the United States. Adapt: Postmodernism in fast food. McDonalds practices post-modernism in the sense that in addition to its standard hamburger menu it customizes items according to the local cusine and context, which is why you can find McArabia in Egypt. http://www.mcdonaldsegypt.com/loader.html Askeland, G., & Payne, M. (2008). Globalization and International Social Work: Postmodern Change and Challenge. Farnham: England.

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