Learning Theory

Definition: The learning theory is defined as bringing people together through different means such as cognitive, emotional, and environmental by doing so you can influence others' knowledge, skills, values and ethics. This is important in community development to understand how individuals learn and understand the complexities of different learning styles, and find solutions to practical problems.
Apply: The learning theory can be applied in the educational system to understand how students can best learn and apply different styles of teaching to insure that each student receives the quality of education they deserve. Having different styles of learning also depends on the students background, where they come from and what community they are a part of. These factors have to be considered by the instructor in order to decide what teaching techniques are needed.
Adopt: The learning theory can be adoptive in diverse communities, for example we find that in China Town, Korea Town there are afterschool programs for children to learn more about their language of origin or their culture and to continue their traditions since the have a different style of learning and teaching and wish to continue this system to the newer generations to not forget where they each come from.

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  1. Apply: Learning theory could also be applied to bring cultural sensitivity among the community members. For example, if in a multi-ethnic community through learning theory community members could understand each other and also that will increase empathy for each other therefore in the long run it will empower the community.

    Adopt: Learning theory could be adapted by Army intelligent to understand and see the perspective of people from a different country, therefore, allowing the intelligent to understand and strategize the plan of action from the opponents’ point of view.