Neo Liberalism

Define: Neo-Liberalism: “refers to a free market non-interventionist state which emphasis the individual, and justifies the deregulation of trade and finance” (Ledwith, 2005) Apply: A trend in applying neo-liberalism to social work is the development of social enterprises. Rather than solve social problems through other interventions, social entrepreneurs use the marketplace to solve social problems. An example is Vision Spring which is company that employs women in developing countries to sell eye glasses to those who lack access to such products like in remote villages, rural areas, etc. Adapt: Neo-Liberalism is actually a theory that has been borrowed to use in social work and community development. In its political context, Neo-liberalism has been designed to give more freedom to corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs. It has had negative ramifications as well with the introduction of welfare to work programs and has encouraged privatization of what used to be government responsibilities i.e., privatization of social security. Ledwith, M. (2005). Community Development. Portland: Policy Press.

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