Structuration Theory

Define: giddens' theory of structuration argues that human behaviour is neither totally haphazard nor totally structured. it follows modalities (cultural and mental molds) that both reproduce and transform social systems.
Apply: it is useful to think of the modalities that influence people's way of acting with doing community development. individualism and competition which are strong modalities in US society can be impediments to the kind of solidarity that community development is trying to build. being aware of these modes of thinking that permeate people's action can help both understand those behaviours and transforming them through socialization and deliberation.
Adapt: this theory is definitely useful in behavioural sciences.

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  1. Application: This theory is useful in community development because it is important when developing a project or a plan of action it is important to keep in mind that what works in one area may not work in another because everyone is different. In other words, what works in one community may not work in other, therefore it is important to understand the community that one is trying to help and develop a plan of action accordingly.

    Adaptation: Public school systems should not use standardized test to measure student success since these tests are often biased. Instead, they should focus more on merit or develop different types of assessment measures.