Define: Globalization, “refers to the acceleration of capitalism’s global reach by the most powerful systems in the West, exploiting the most vulnerable people and environments in the world for economic gain, and invading other cultures with a western worldview which reproduces discrimination on a complex global level” (Ledwith,2005) Apply: Social workers and community developers/organizers need to be aware of globalization as it pertains to local issues. With the increase in technology there have been mobilization across global issues in local areas, an example is the mobilization for immigrant rights which is a transnational/global issue which has manifested itself in local xenophobia and local movements of solidarity for immigrant rights. Adapt: The ways in which Globalization has had a negative impact on developing countries is that manufacturers often will relocate outside of the United States and Europe in order to take advantage of other countries with little to no regulations in terms of labor or the environment. Ledwith, M. (2005). Community Development. Portland: Policy Press.


  1. Apply: Working off what Liz mentioned in her last section, social workers must be aware of the recent phenomenon of moving business and manufacturing to the developing world. This not only causes problems for those communities, but it is causing an increase of unemployment in Western areas. American community developers must be aware of how this unemployment is affecting the lives of citizens and the functioning of communities. International Social Workers must take globalization into account and realize how it is effecting the economic and social development worldwide.

    Adapt: Those involved in politics must be aware of globalization. It can be a benefit as it is working to connect countries and boost global interactions. It has negative effects as it can increase the division between the global rich and poor.

  2. Apply: Kara mentioned how social workers must be aware that there has been a dramatic increase with jobs out sourcing. This whole idea of moving businesses to other countries in the world, seems like a great idea at first. However, what about the individuals who have been working at the same business for 20 years and they are now told that there job and position have been taken outside of the USA to India. It is appalling, that there are not jobs in place when this happens. There should be programs who's main goals is to help those individuals who may be losing their position but have not yet. This would help the individual to prepare for unemployment and find employment right away. The reason for all of this is that countries outside of the USA are wealthier then the USA.

    This can apply to everyone who lives in society. If people are unaware of globalization and out sourcing, how will they survive. There is not just homelessness in the world but there is a great divide between the USA and outside of the USA. Not only that but the individuals who may be creating the clothing that is on our back. Little do they know that they are being treated unfairly. When a dress costs about $50.00 they may be making only $1.00.

    Take a look at this link: http://www.slideshare.net/dkiely/globalization-and-a-changing-world1 Sweatshop : A manufacturing workplace that typically treats its workers inhumanely, paying low wages, and imposing harsh and unsafe working conditions
    In other countries, workers do not have the protections that they have here.Minimum wage, child labor laws, overtime, safety regulations, etc.
    Companies accused of using sweatshops:
    Nike, Disney, the Gap, Guess, Wal-Mart