Post Colonialism

Define: “former colonial powers continue their dominance of former colonies through hegemony, that is economic and cultural power” (Askeland & Payne, 2008) Apply: It is important for social workers in particular when they are traveling abroad to understand the colonial powers that were present in that country and to analyze how it continue to affects that country today. For example, it would be important for a social worker working in India to understand how British colonialism impacted India, economically, socially, religiously etc. Adapt: It would be interesting for Linguists to do research on how local dialects have changed over time from being colonized, after colonizers have left and so on. In particular, it is important to note that even post-colonially (British and U.S. colonies) English continues to be a standard second language globally. Askeland, G., & Payne, M. (2008). Globalization and International Social Work: Postmodern Change and Challenge. Farnham: England.

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