Organizational Planning

Definition: Organizational planning is a guide for one specific organization to define its roles and activities as it build sufficient strengths to achieve its goals. While the processes and products of organizational and community planning are similar, the focus is different: organizational planning is "internal" and set on the "micro level." (Murphy, 154-155) Apply: Organizational planning can be utilized in community development when a community is going through a social or economic transition, such as the current recession. With changes in community conditions, community organizers may need to rethink their approach, and therefore engage in organizational planning, to determine how they will move forward given the new circumstances. Adapt: Organizational planning can be utilized in public health to effectively deal with an organizational transition (such as welcoming a new executive director). In this situation, organizational planning can be utilized by the organization to reassess the organizational structure and to make strategic choices with respect to the process of transitioning from one director to another.

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  1. Apply: Organizational Theory can apply to community organizing in many ways. When working within a community the community organizers or person in charge must define everyone's roles and build on the citizens strengths to achieve the main goal. If attempting to start a time bank in a community the organizers must focus on the citizens strengths and define everyone's roles to ensure that the time bank runs effectively and efficiently.

    Adapt: Small businesses and non-profits must use organizational theories to run effectively. Small businesses of about 10 to 20 people must clearly define the employees roles to ensure that all task of the agency are completed as they should be. Small businesses must also build on employees strengths to help run effectively. Defining peoples roles to deal with payroll, program development, human resources etc... must be established to ensure that everyone is on the same page and know that the organization is being run efficiently.